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Lockdown: dealing with change and challenges

Updated: May 13, 2020

Being stuck at home is hard and new for everyone. Some of us will rise to the challenge, set one hundred new goals and be up at 6am ready to tackle the world. Others (like me!) aren't so focussed and need a little nudge in the right direction. For all of us, here is a little reminder of the great things we can be doing during lockdown so that we return to our normal lives and work as stronger and more productive people.

Constant professional and personal development is key, yet we so easily get caught up with keeping the boat afloat that we forget to update it and add all the latest mod cons! At The Consult Centre we offer personal life coaching and professional guidance and advice that can help you make positive and effective change to your life. If you aren't quite ready for a 1 to 1 or you just need a little advice and a nudge in the right direction then keep reading.

Professional Development

When we are young, every day is filled with learning, discovery and excitement. As we get older and settle into our careers, sometimes our day to day working lives takeover and we plateau rather than constantly striving to be the best and most knowledgeable version of ourselves.

A lot of professional and personal development can be focussed on our mindset. Do we have an open or closed mindset? Are we open to learning or are we stuck in our ways? A great way to break through a closed mindset is to try to evaluate a situation from a different angle. How about looking at your daily routine and evaluating each aspect of it. Could I do something differently? Am I being effective? Do I have a balance and am I taking time for myself? By doing this and being open to your thoughts and open to making change, you may find yourself with a new routine or attitude towards your work and professional life.

Another type of professional development is more literal. Do I have the most up-to-date knowledge? Could I do a refresher course? Do I want to learn something completely new? They say that knowledge is power and we agree. Why not use this time working from home to dedicate some of your day to learning something new or developing and refreshing your current skills. The Open University has hundreds of free short courses on a range of topics that can spark your imagination and re-ignite that love for learning.

Personal Development

Change is hard to process and the past few weeks have been full of change and the future is uncertain. It is important that during this time you acknowledge how you are feeling and accept that it is okay to not feel okay. The most important step you can take is to discuss how you feel with others - it is very likely that they are feeling the same. This situation is new to all of us and we all cope with change and uncertainty in different ways, however, one thing we can all do together is to support and listen. Let's share our stories, our concerns and our little wins. Together we will come out of this feeling stronger as individuals and as a community.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has changed our lives in a variety of ways and we will all cope with these differently. However, if you are feeling bored, un-motivated or a bit unsure on what to do next then try doing one of the tasks mentioned above: learn something new, reflect on your routine and talk to others.

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