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Terms, Conditions and Cancellation Policy

We require all payments for booking to be made through our website using a Credit/Debit Card.

In exceptional circumstances an invoice for payment can be raised, but payment must be received by us ahead of the room/desk use.

The following charges apply to all confirmed booking upon cancellation or rescheduling:

  1. If cancelled/rescheduled more than four weeks before the room/desk hire we will refund all payments made.

  2. If cancelled/rescheduled less than four and more than two weeks before the room/desk hire we will refund 50% of the chargeable fees.

  3. If cancelled/rescheduled less than two weeks before the room/desk hire no refund will be issued.  100% of the fees will be chargeable.

Please note:

For us, postponement is the same as cancellation – the above charges will still apply if you decide to change the date of your booking.

On part day hire, once this is booked for am/pm then this cannot always be extended. If you have to do this at any stage then the rates charged for the time period agreed will still stand, plus additional hours at the hourly rate. Additional hours are priced £10.50 per hour.

A full day booking is from 8.00am-6.00pm. Half days are available 8.00am-12.30pm or 1.00pm-6.00pm.

Changes to bookings or additional requests, such as lunch requirements must be made no later than 48 hours in advance of the date of your booking.

Any damage caused to the venue or the equipment by the negligence or wilful misconduct of your party (fair wear and tear excepted) will be charged for at cost price for the item and labour for any fitting/repairs.

If the room is over booked its people capacity, as stated on the website for that room, there will be a surcharge of £5 per person payable.

Any property or equipment left at the venue after the event is done so at the client’s own risk.

We cannot be held responsible for exceptional weather conditions, suspension of travel or any other circumstances beyond our reasonable control; and no such circumstances will be considered grounds for cancellations without charge.

Clients and their guests are also responsible for their own Health & Safety. Fire evacuations notices are displayed on the back of the meeting room door.

By providing payment to secure your booking you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this cancellation policy.

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